Actor Surya appeals to students to be bold and confident


There have been many suicides by medical aspirants over the years for failing to crack the NEET exams.
Actor Suriya reached out to students and made an emotional appeal to them not to end their lives. He recalled the low marks that he scored in exams and stated that ”marks and exams alone don’t make life.”

The actor’s appeal came amidst three suicides over the past week by students over fear of failure in the entrance test. He appealed to the students to open up with someone they trusted- be it parents, elders, friends or teachers. He said that ending one’s life is a lifetime punishment to one’s parents and loved ones.
Over the last few years at least 17 medical aspirants including a few class 12 toppers have ended their lives by suicide for failing to crack NEET exams or due to fear of failure.
The DMK government has recently passed a bill scrapping NEET and paving way for medical admission on the basis of class 12 marks. This can come into force if President Ram Nath Kovind gives his assent.



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