Acing the accessories arena: SARAYU HEGDE


Nothing can make you look more modish than a stunning piece of accessory. Beads, baubles, bracelets, trinkets, hoops, chokers, stilettos, totes, clutches, peep toes, dainty anklets…the list goes on. Comfortable shoes are having a moment, and leading the way are trendy sneakers that can be paired with anything and for any occasion. Even sarees, if you please. No wardrobe is complete without a chic white shirt or a classic LBD that can be dressed up or down and what can make you look like a million bucks with these timeless classics? Yes, you nailed it! It’s the right accessories. Some of the top notch fashionistas, stylish entrepreneurs and bloggers from Bengaluru share their formula for looking chic and staying comfortable.



Her story: “I have always been fascinated by the craft of creating a garment, I love the power of clothing and how it speaks of an individual’s personality without having to say a word. Having lived over a decade in the fashion capital of India and my love for travelling, I realised we were always looking up to the West for inspiration in fashion, whereas we had incredible talent in our own country. A beautiful space with all things fashionable has always been my dream. I moved to Bengaluru four years ago and gave wings to my dream with The Bombay Attic store, a space for emerging designers of our country.”

What’s trending: “Belts of all shapes and sizes. I’m big on Obi & Corset belts right now as they are the perfect accessory to accentuate those curves. Also embellished bags and shoes, sneakers, sliders, loafers or heels are all jazzed up with metallic beads, appliqués and sequins. This season we see a blend of both sides of the style spectrum – minimalism and maximalism,” says Sarayu.

Her style statement: Sarayu likes to pick up her stock from The Bombay Attic and she scurries through her mom’s wardrobe for vintage bags and heirloom jewellery. “My everyday style is minimal, comfort and functional like a pair of flats, an oversized tote, a classic watch, oversized shades and one piece of statement jewellery. I always invest in classics as they never go out of style – a classic time keeper, nude pumps, gold kolhapuris, heirloom jewellery, vintage bags and hats are a must have. This may sound like a cliché, but the best accessory on a woman is most definitely her confidence and smile.

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