Acing the accessories arena: NILU YULEENA THAPA


Nothing can make you look more modish than a stunning piece of accessory. Beads, baubles, bracelets, trinkets, hoops, chokers, stilettos, totes, clutches, peep toes, dainty anklets…the list goes on. Comfortable shoes are having a moment, and leading the way are trendy sneakers that can be paired with anything and for any occasion. Even sarees, if you please. No wardrobe is complete without a chic white shirt or a classic LBD that can be dressed up or down and what can make you look like a million bucks with these timeless classics? Yes, you nailed it! It’s the right accessories. Some of the top notch fashionistas, stylish entrepreneurs and bloggers from Bengaluru share their formula for looking chic and staying comfortable.


Her story: A full time blogger at BIG hair LOUD mouth, Nilu started blogging in 2012 as a personal journal documenting her daily life which slowly evolved to become a fashion and lifestyle blog. Today she’s one of the top fashion bloggers in the country. “I was a huge fan of the Swarovski Nirvana Ring when I was in college. When I first saw it, it was instant love; in fact I loved it so much that I had the ad image printed out and I had stuck it in my office console where I used to work after college. Since the ring was quite expensive, I never mustered the courage then to really go for it plus it is now no longer in production. Later after I became a blogger, when the Swarovski team got to know of my obsession with the ring, they arranged for me to have it and even had my size shipped to me. I treasure my Nirvana ring dearly and I wear it very often,” reveals Nilu.

What’s trending: Nilu states, “Sunglasses and minimal stacking accessories are in style. While we were crushing on statement accessories some years back, I see that lately the trend has moved to minimal jewellery pieces which are stacked to look very pretty.”

Her style statement: Some of Nilu’s personal favourites include, “Outhouse jewellery as it resonates with my personality. I’ve collected a few pieces from them. I love how unique they are as well as how beautifully they are crafted. I don’t usually wear a lot of accessories at one time and stick to one statement piece every time. I always have a ring on me that I feel best complements the outfits I’m sporting.”

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