Aakash Nasty Mehta – A Live Stand Up Comedy Tour


There are Jokes. There are dirty jokes. And there are Nasty Jokes. Aakash Mehta, a Comedian, Musician, Writer, Audio Engineer and Law Graduate from Mumbai is all set for perform his latest Live Stand Up Comedy show ‘Nasty’, hosted and produced by CounterCulture, in Bengaluru. A dialog on the societal prejudices towards sex (education) and relationships in our society, come by for an hour of some of the nastiest jokes on sex and other bodily functions in an open conversation, with none other than your friendly neighbourhood annoying-giggler, Aakash Mehta,  where he gets to the bottom of some of the life’s and bedroom’s greatest mysteries, only to uncover some nasty results. He is not the kind of guy who shy’s away from his thoughts and makes sure that they crack the audience and then haunt them. Aakash Mehta is a Comedian, Musician, Writer, Audio Engineer and Law Graduate from Mumbai. Over the past 7 years, he has toured most of India, Dubai, UK & USA with his 1000+ stand-up comedy shows & Specials – KuchBhiMehta, Half Baked, Bear with me and the Just Chilling tour. With 433,635 subscribers & 40,969,005 views currently, Aakash Mehta’s YouTube Channel, KuchBhiMehta has some loved stand-up videos with over a million views, sketch comedies, Vlogs, podcasts and music.
WHAT: Live Stand Up Comedy Tour ‘Nasty’ by Aakash Mehta.
WHERE: That Comedy Club, 2nd floor, 46, 4th B cross road, 5th block, Koramangala, Bengaluru.
WHEN: Saturday, 3rd August 2019, 6 pm and 8 pm.



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