A step towards flawless skin


Manjul Gupta, Swati Gupta and Mikky Gupta of Bodycraft Spa and Salon invited some of Bengaluru’s crème de la crème to experience AINHOA facials at their Lavelle Road spa recently. AINHOA is the principal brand of COSMÉTICA CABINAS S.L., a Spanish company specialised in creating, manufacturing and marketing innovative, effective, high quality skincare products. Since 1996, The credibility of the AINHOA consists of continuous research into needs and ways to improve and the obligation to follow efficiency, quality and innovation.

AINHOA offers a complete range of specific beauty treatments that are versatile and transversal, to be used at the beginning, during or at the end of each professional treatment, as well as for care at home, making each gesture an authentic beauty ritual. It comprises a universe of facial care products that visibly improve the skin’s condition and make it more receptive to receiving the benefits of the products to be applied afterwards, increasing the results of each treatment. Needless to say, all the ladies were glowing after their AINHOA facials at Bodycraft Spa and Salon.



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