A quiet Christmas at Our Lady of Guidance Church
By Juliana Sridhar

The Christmas celebrations at Our Lady of Guidance Church in R. A. Puram, also known as Lazarus Church was very quiet and subdued this year in keeping with the pandemic regulations. The inter parish carol competition that used to be held every year was cancelled .There waa no midnight mass.
Instead, there were two masses on the eve of Christmas. While the mass at 6.15 p.m was in English, the mass at 8 p.m was in Tamil. On Christmas day there were 4 masses in the morning- 6.a.m, 7.30 a.m, 9.15 a.m and 10.30 a.m. The mass at 9.15 a.m was in English and all the other 3 masses were in Tamil. Christmas carols  were sung before each mass. The church was beautifully decorated and illuminated. A beautiful crib was put up in the church campus.
There were  LED screens put up in the parish hall just adjoining the church and inside the church compound so that people could watch the  live mass going on inside the church. It was an extra precaution taken to adhere with the pandemic time regulations to prevent crowding inside the church.


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