A Home Away from Home


Airbnb celebrated the spirit of individuality and the launch of ‘That’s Why We Airbnb’ at Bay15 recently. Bengaluru-based girls Karuna Reddy and Malvika Poddar, co-founders of The Mogra Collective and the heroes of the new campaign spoke about how they’re both so different from each other and yet they have so much in common – their wedding planning company, their dogs, their home and their Airbnb holiday homes everytime they go on a holiday.

They were joined by actor Huma Qureshi and Mandira Bedi who also spoke about their Airbnb holiday home experiences. Nolan Mascarenhas, a food connoisseur and an Airbnb Host also shared his travel experiences in front of a houseful of local Airbnb Host community in Goa. Amanpreet Singh Bajaj, Country Manager, Airbnb, who was also present at the event said, “That’s Why We Airbnb is for everyone who expresses their individuality through travel. Whether it’s a family looking to bond in a home that is perfect for their kind of holiday, a couple seeking a new Airbnb Experience or an individual discovering themselves in a new city with the locals – it means something to everyone.”

The latest campaign celebrates the spirit of individuality and people’s love for travel committed to creating a world where anyone can belong anywhere. That’s Why We Airbnb narrates the stories of real travellers on their unique Airbnb powered holidays across the globe. The ease and security of having a place that feels like home, allows these travellers to assert their individuality and choose for themselves, no holds barred.



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