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One of the most artistic and innovative designers in the country, Jyoti Sachdev Iyer caters to all aspects of design, textile, craft, embroidery forms, manufacturing process. Her design sensibility blends her affinity towards experimental design with a rooted Indian aesthetic. Jyoti has also played an instrumental part in designing uniforms for 5-star hotel properties such as ITC Hotels. She has also been successful in showcasing her collection at multiple designer shows across the globe. The brand is available at Evoluzione, FFolio, Fuel, Angustra, Panache, Carma Online, Pernia’s Pop – Up, Onita London, Aara Dubai, The Grand Trunk USA, Fendi, La Perla, Kenzo, Australia. Her inimitable ability to mix grandeur and simplicity has made her one of the most sought-after designers in the Indian fashion industry. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Jyoti has now launched her first flagship store in Bengaluru.

  1. Where did you study design from? How did you realise your affinity towards fashion design and how did you decide to take it up as a profession? 

I was a fine arts student at Chitrakala Parishath when I started off.  I then decided to hone my skills at NIFT in Delhi and that’s where my journey as a designer began. I learnt the intricacies it took to put something together, from textiles, to stitching something as simple as ideation – it all molded into the way I saw fashion. My experience blended with my personality, sensibilities of less is more and the kind of work I do, whether its drapes or prét or bridal, my cuts are always experimental.

  1. What were the challenges that came initially? 

I started young and I had bigger responsibilities like a little baby in my hand but a dream is a dream and I worked day and night to get where I am today. Whether it was learning how to deal with my karigars (tailors) or sourcing the finest fabrics from across India everything was an experience that has brought a lot to the growth of my brand.

  1. How did you overcome them and how has the journey been since then? 

I always say persevere. Never give up and never lose hope. As a person I would attribute myself to be a very positive person. I shun something off if it doesn’t happen and look at exploring other ways to get what I had in mind done regardless of how difficult it may appear to be that has helped translating into my journey. I have always felt that my work speaks for itself, and it’s heartwarming to see that people feel the same.

  1. What have been some of the highpoints in your design journey? 

When I started off, it was collaborating with big design houses like Fendi & La Perla and over a course of time it became the experimental design I steered into, whether it was a show in Barcelona inspired by the La Sagrada or reviving Aboriginal Art with the Australian Embassy. We’ve had the blessing to walk across the Wagah Border and take our designs across the globe, from the UAE, to the UK, to the USA. Our presence exists in most corners of the world and our clients continue to love and support the work we do. The love and support we receive from our clients is our biggest driving force. It all boils down to the appreciation and love for the artistry that we provide.

  1. Who are some of your biggest clients? 

All our clients are special to us. To name a few we’ve had a princess in Russia have her wedding outfit designed by us, we’ve also had Sarita and Kamal Kaul who are known for their incredible hospitality have both their lovely Children get their wedding outfits done by our brand, Loving and generous Chetna Kumble to an Onitaa in London, Tapsee Pannu, Neha Dhupia. Each one has a special place in the JSI family.

  1. What are some of the striking features in your outfits that set them apart from the other designers in this space? 

What sets us apart from other designers in this space is our drapes. We spend hours on every pleat, stitch, and cut. It all needs to be done to perfection. I also love experimenting with fabrics and different types of cuts that add to the diversified collection we have. While deciding our collection across cities every month we are very particular in understanding what kind of designs and colors are trending and bring in something new and exciting. The one feedback we have received from many of our clients is our unique designs that are not found anywhere else and the fit of the garment. We ensure that each person is comfortable in the outfit they are in making sure that it falls and fits well on the individual. We have outfits for every occasion be it a Gatsby themed party or a lehenga for an extravagant big fat Indian wedding.

  1. What plans for your Bengaluru store? How is the market here?  

What started off as a casual conversation with Anjum Azeez, turned into a dream come true for the both of us. This space was designed and curated for a market that was in need for it. A lifestyle library that caters to all your designer needs, from pret to bridal to bespoke tailoring, comfortable and relaxing. Emerald Ventures worked hard and super efficiently and had a rundown which was Nilgiris store earlier transformed in 42 days. Our association with Emerald Ventures has resulted in creating the ultimate fashion destination for Bengaluru. Whether it is walking in to grab a cup of coffee and read a book midway through shopping or sitting with well-trained professionals. Both Anjum and I did not want to open just another designer store. We wanted to give it a twist and hence the idea of having a lifestyle library and a coffee shop. In my opinion having a lifestyle library would be great for individuals to browse through collections and images that are trending. This would help in giving our clients a variety to choose from an even create a new one

  1. What are your other passions and hobbies? 

My guiltiest pleasure has to be my love for games. If I am not working or travelling I love playing games on my ipad/ phone. Be it a Candy Crush or Sodoku these are my stress busters. I am very passionate about wildlife photography. I am not the best at photography but I enjoy experimenting with photography and have had the incredible opportunity to shoot some beautiful animals in South Africa. My travel to various places has translated itself in my work. I enjoy travelling no matter how hectic it is with my busy work schedule because at the end of it, the diversity that I come across as I travel to different places brings out the best in my collections. My hobbies coexist with what I love to do – Art and Designing and is a great way of keeping myself creatively engaged and stimulated at all times.



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