A couple from Madurai printed QR Code on Wedding Invite


During this ongoing pandemic, people are coming up with novel ideas. One such idea is what a couple from Madurai came up with. They printed the QR Code of Google Pay and PhonePe on the wedding invitation of their daughter to enable those who could not attend the wedding due to the pandemic to present the bride with cash by way of transfer to her bank account.

The mother of the bride said that about 30 people made use of this facility and gifted cash to the bride. She runs a beauty parlour in Madurai and disclosed that it is the first time that the family has attempted such a thing. The wedding took place on Sunday the 17th of January and the invite has gone viral. The family has been getting a lot of calls in this regard.
Technology has helped people to livestream a wedding or any other function. Recently, a newly married couple had the food delivered to the homes of their relatives and friends after they had watched the wedding online. Virtual weddings have become the new trend and people are getting more creative by the day.



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