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6 Celebrities who showed us Backpacks are the new IT Bag


When we think backpacks, fashion does not come to mind? Or does it? We have seen the backpack trend catch on like wildfire with celebrities and we have a good idea why! Its not often a fashion statement is also practical! What other bag can be so supremely practical while looking super cool. The thing we love about backpacks is how free your hands are! And loading up your bag with everything you need and (dont!) has never been easier!


Alia Bhatt 

The Cool fashion uniform for Alia Bhat consists of Distressed Jeans or Leggings, Sneakers and a super cute backpack! Checkout our Pink Bubble All Leather Backpack from Antidote to get your back to school look on!  Get it here: Pink Bubble All Leather Backpack

Parineeti Chopra

We love Parineeti Chopra’s vibe with distressed shorts, a cool T-shirt and blue backpack to boot! Denim on Denim is such a cool trend and why not inject a Denim backpack to the mix! Checkout our Contra Print Backpack that can fit everything from a laoptop to all the essentials for a day out! Get it here: Contra Print Backpack

Kanika Kapoor

She sings like a dream and has a on-spot fashion sense! Checkout Kanika’s outfit on That1Too with our Tropical Print Jumpsuit and our GamerBackpack. We want now!


Ranveer Singh

This hearthrob has got the airport look down to a T! Sneakers, Capris, a Muscle Tee and an awesome backpack! Get the look only here: Round Neck 3 Pack Muscle T-Shirts or V-Neck 3 Pack Musle T-Shirts
Shorts:  Knee Length Cotton Shorts Sneakers: Casual Cotton Sneakers and Denim Backpack by Zhero Denim

Akshay Kumar

Akshay has always been ahead of the Fashion Game and we love him for that! Check out his cool vibes with Joggers, Hoodie, Sneakers and a fierce Versace Backpack! Here’s how to get the look:

Basics Soft Comfortable Grey Joggers
Black Muscle Fit Hoodie

Vanta Black Suede Car Shoes

Shahid Kapoor

We love Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Dont Mess with Me’ look here contrasted by the bright and adorable back pack. Perfect for a lazy weekend at home or away!

Contra Black Backpack
Scalet Red Hoodie
Black Joggers from Basics
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