5000 people to set world Record in Jaisalmer Desert Festival


The State of Rajasthan is all set to host its Desert Festival in the city of Jaisalmer from February 17-19. Jaisalmer is making an attempt to create a record at the turban-tying competition, which will likely garner a lot of attention and visitors too.

The said turban-tying competition will be held on February 17 from 4 pm to 6 pm, which will witness around 5000 people tying turbans together. The event named ‘Safa Sirmor, Jaisalmer jor’ will be aiming to set a world record by making 5000 people come together and tie turbans. The said programme will be organized at Shaheed Poonam Singh stadium.

As per the latest news reports and the official in charge of the turban-tying event, trainers are training people to tie turbans at schools. Also, as apart from this exhilarating event, heritage walks will also be organized for the first time on February 16, which will start from Sonar Fort and will pass through various tourist hotspots.  This will be the perfect travel plans for the tourists and will be an eye-opener in many senses. This is the right time to know more about the tradition and culture of the state



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