5 tips for smart international travel


Worry not about rising airfare and hotel costs. Do not think about postponing holidays due to a weak rupee. Here are 5 smart travel tips to help you reign in your costs and holiday abroad as per schedule. Take a look:

DSC07933 (Copy)

  • When traveling international, avoid direct long-haul flights. Go in for a layover as that comes in cheaper.
  • Avoid going through travel agents. Use the internet to get directly in touch with airlines, hotels, homestays and B&B.
  • Once abroad, use that city’s public transport facilities as much as possible. Try and overlook tuk-tuks, private cabs, self-drive cars, etc.
  • Ignore high-end restaurants for roadside eateries, tiny bakeries, farmer markets, weekend markets, and grocery stores.
  • Don’t just sight-see. Experience the new city and country by taking in all the free entertainment that is on hand such as public parks, gardens, free museums, art exhibitions, street performances, beaches, and more.




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