5 morning beauty hacks for us lazy girls

Stick to a fringe wash
fringe (Copy)
If you want to skip shampooing but don’t want to leave the house with a stringy fringe, just wash your bangs. Wet your hands with a small penny-size amount of conditioner, run it through your fringe, and rinse it out under the tap.  If your hair is a little more unruly, quickly blow-dry and style your fringe as you normally would.
Too lazy in the morning?
Do it the night before 
alia (Copy)
Go to work with gorgeous beach waves even if you wake up with just enough time to get dressed and get out the door. How? Prep the night before. Wash those lovely locks and braid them into two before hitting the sack. Undo those braids and you wake up to beautiful boho curls.
Cat-eye stencil
cateye (Copy)
End up wasting oodles of time trying to get that perfect cateye? Save yourself the misery by making a stencil. Just cut your desired cat-eye shape into a small piece of paper, and hold it up to your lids when applying liner.
Multi-task baby!
You can line your eyes and curl your lashes in one step. Draw a line using either a kohl pencil or gel liner (avoid liquid liner because it smudges too easily) across the edge of your eyelash curler where it would be touching your lid right above your lashes, curl, and voilà! Instantly lined lids and curled lashes.
Red is always a good idea
red lips (Copy)
Overslept, pushed for time? Just reach for one product: red lipstick. Even if you wear nothing else and just a red pout, you’ll look miraculously put together and glamorous.


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