5 bandi’s to eat from in Hyderabad


top_5_bandis_in_hyderabadNo matter where you are or what you do, which star hotel you frequent in Hyderabad, there’s always that one bandi you keep going back to. Whether you are ravenously hungry or you just need a late night grub fix, bandi’s are

Govind ki bandi: If you are as obsessed with Dosas as we are, then this is one place you have to check out. Just a warning though, this is not for the weak hearted also known as the health conscious because Govind’s is famous for, if we may say so, his utterly butterly dosas. Whether you like it crispy or soft, these dosas are served to you hot off the pan and loaded with butter. Needless to say, it melts in your mouth – these dosas are a hit with everyone from grandparents to grandchildren.

Location: Charminar

Jishnu’s Pani Puri Bandi:

Call it pani puri or call it pucchka – is like saying Potato – Potato (which obviously sounds better than what it reads), either ways you’re in for 10 rounds of bite sized happiness.

Location: Srinagar colony

Pandu’s or NS Bandi:

There’s nothing more fulfilling than a plate of Indian Chinese from the streets. Really! Don’t believe us? Head to MLA Colony road 12 where Pandu’s bandi sets up his stall post 7pm and tell us we are wrong. Whether you like spice or not, you’re bound to keep going back for some of this yummy street Chinese food! Beware the Suzette though. That even we would stay away from.

Location: MLA Colony

JCNM Spicy Maggi Centre

There are people who like maggi and there are people who love maggi. But there are also people who love it especially after a party or work hours? Yes, such people do exist and they relish every bite of the egg maggi that has been made famous here.

Maharaja Chaat Bandi

This iconic  bandi in Jubilee Hills is a hit with everyone who wants to dig into some spicy “chatpata” chaat. They’re famous for its paani puri, samosa ragada and the paav bhaaji. What sets this apart from the rest of the bandi’s is that there’s ample place to park your car as well as service to the car itself. Just like in a drive-in! So chaat anyone?

Location: Ayyapa Society, Jubilee Hills

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