200 year old church in Chennai opens its doors to heritage enthusiasts


St. Andrews Church in Chennai was built by the Britishers for worship by the Scottish community about 200 years ago. This church opened its doors to heritage enthusiasts who were guided on a tour of the church famous for its architectural splendour and rich heritage. It is said to be a part of the Madras Day celebrations.

The church has iconic pillars at the entrance with a dome held by 16 fluted Corinthian columns and intricate ornamental work.
Visitors got a rare opportunity on Sunday the 12th September to climb the stairs leading to the roof of the church to get a closer look at the tallest steeple in the city. It also boasts of tower clocks that tick until this day. Visitors also got a glimpse of the old pipe organ and the beautiful stained glass paintings. There was also a special screening of a documentary on the church.
St. Andrews Church was built in the year 1821 based on a design of a London church. The 200 year old church is well maintained. Though it has been a favourite destination for heritage enthusiasts, the church has not directly organised walks. It did so on requests of the local heritage community coinciding with the Madras Week.



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