A summer of discovery Summer Camps 2016 in Hyderabad



Did you know that the Mars rovers built by NASA and ISRO move at an average speed of 5 centimetres per second, stopping every few seconds to check for obstacles? Can you imagine the obstacles on a planet like Mars? Imagine programming such a device to perform different functions all by yourself! Roamer is an early robotics kit that aids the children as they explore different facets of their surroundings. Roamer also serves as an excellent introduction to the algorithmic principles involved in coding.

This activity for kids taps their innate curiosity and their constant need for exploration. At the end of this workshop/camp, children create a Roamer parade showcasing different kinds of roamers in a city that they design for the roamers.
Let your kids enjoy this learning experience.

Where: Creya, 258/A, M.L.A. Colony, Road No 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Date & Time: Mon 25 Apr, 09:30 AM, Mon 30 May, 09:30 AM