Iniya’s shades Of Grey


Iniya’s shades Of Grey 

Actress Iniya is reticent but a romantic at heart. In a tete-a-tete with Sashidhar Adivi, she talks about films, love, her dream man and marriage.

Like many others, Iniya kick-started her career as a model in showbiz.  But once she turned into an actress in 2010, she lost no time in challenging herself.  Never someone to stay in a comfort zone, the Kerala-born took up a role that had grey shades in ”Naan Sigappu Manithan’ against the advice of many.  “I felt that I should take up that role.  I got a lot of appreciation for that afterwards.  Even though I have been offered negative roles later, I didn’t want to repeat it,” she says.

The Malayalam girl has carved a niche for herself in Kollywood despite not essaying a glamorous role.  Does she regret that she hasn’t got the label of a hot girl?  “Not really! I will do a glamorous role if one comes my way, perhaps opposite a big star,” the actress reveals.

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From being a child artist to what she is today, Iniya has come a long way.  Did she ever imagine she will come this far?  “As a child, I was always good in academics.  But I was always passionate about acting and dance.  I wished to be an actress even as a child when I watched actresses like Rambha and Roja.  Watching them in colorful costumes and observing them command so much respect and huge fan following, I was inspired.  I would stand in front of the mirror and emulate them,” the expressive actress recalls.

Trained in Bharatanatyam, Iniya has plans to learn Kathak and lyrical dance as well.  “Knowledge of classical dance helps me show my grace and get the styling right in relatively less number of takes.  For example, Bharatanatyam has helped me in getting the facial expressions right.  Besides, dance keeps one in shape.  Dancing is the only exercise that I do, besides playing badminton.  I do Yoga when I am too stressed and tired, “says the foodie.

“Although I am a foodie, I am not anxious about eating too much.  I put on weight and lose when I need to.  I just reduce intake of chocolates and ice creams when I need to shape up for a role (laughs).”

Not just dancing, but modeling too has nurtured Iniya in her career. “Modeling taught me styling, stage presence, looks and personality development.  I learnt everything because of it.”

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For de-stressing, Iniya listens to Maestro Ilayaraja’s soothing numbers and curls up with film-related books.  “Music makes me relax and keeps me rejuvenated.  I go to dance classes if there is enough time.  I watch films that I missed out in theatre on DVD.”

She being a calm-going girl, her ‘Vaagai Sooda Vaa’ director seems to have aptly rechristened Shruti Sawant as Iniya, meaning sweet in Tamil.  “I am slightly sensitive and very romantic.  In Standard IV, I had a friend, who gradually became a family friend. I don’t know where he lives now, though,” says a nostalgic Iniya, talking about her puppy love which she put an end to years later because the guy didn’t like her pursuing a career in modeling.

Has she ever gone on a date with any of her industry peers? “No. I don’t like to date for time pass. I want to date someone whom I will marry,” says Iniya, “Love is a wonderful feeling. Nowadays, pure relationships are hard to come by. I don’t like money-based relationships.”

So what turns her on in a guy? “I like my man to be caring and respect me for what I am. He should be financially sound. I think rich guys show a lot of attitude. And of course, he has to be taller than me.” The beautiful actress must have received many proposals. “Yes, I have. Some of the proposals were sent to my parents. It all started when I was in plus-one. My father would say, ‘She is not grown up to get married. She looks too young.’ My parents now want to find the right person for me. I don’t know when that day will come,” says Iniya, blushing.

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Having done about 25 films, Iniya feels her role in ‘Vaagai Sooda Va’ was the most challenging one. “I worked on the dialogues for 15 days, learning Tamil lines by heart. We shot in the scorching heat of Madurai in summer. But I am happy that my efforts paid off ultimately.”

‘Karai Oram’, the Tamil thriller-horror, has released in Kannada as ‘Alone’ and will release in Telugu as Leela this year. With loads of talent and waiting for an opportunity to flaunt her glamorous side, Iniya is here to stay. You go, girl!



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