Zelensky appears virtually for the Golden Globe Awards


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appeared virtually at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards ceremony. He said that there will not be any third World War and that Ukraine will stop the Russian aggression on their land by seeking the help of the free world.

The 80th Golden Globe Awards was telecast live. At the beginning of his address, Zelensky pointed out that the show originated in the year 1943 just when the second World War was nearing its end. Even though there were still battles going on, the Golden Globe Awards honoured the best performers of 1943.
Zelensky thanked those who supported the freedom of Ukraine. His appearance at the Awards comes one week after the White House committed to send USD 3.75 billion in military aid to Ukraine. This is said to be the largest assistance package from the US to Ukraine.



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