Youthful at 52?


Youthful at 52?

He famously played Benjamin Button on the big screen, a man who aged in reverse.

And Brad Pitt appeared to have the same qualities as his on-screen alter-ego as he made an incredibly fresh-faced and youthful appearance at the Golden Globes on Sunday night.

David Bowie

The handsome 52-year-old actor appeared on stage alongside his The Big Short co-star Ryan Gosling, and it wasn’t long until Twitter erupted to remark on his young appearance.

Rocking a completely clean-shaven face and a classic swept-back hairstyle, the Hollywood stalwart was as handsome, healthy and glowing as he’s ever been.

There was barely a line or a wrinkle on his smooth skin, his complexion glowing with vitality – in fact, he could have passed for his co-star Ryan’s age, 35. While the father-of-six has never admitted to undergoing cosmetic surgery, there have been rumours in the past that he’s gone under the knife.



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