Youth creates Longest Charcoal Sketch
By Juliana Sridhar


Yusuf Aliasgar Sadriwala, a youth from Chennai, Tamil Nadu has got into the Virtue Book of World Records for creating an individual world record for the “Longest Charcoal Sketch”. The sketch measures 130 metres and was created in a record time of 15 hours, 53 minutes and 32 seconds.

Yusuf is an alumnus of MSB, Matriculation School, Chennai and a 3D Designer & Architect in Interior Designing. He acquired his degree from the ICAT Designing and Media College, Chennai.

He was always burning with a desire to achieve something and when he came across record books, he decided to give it a shot irrespective of the result. He then got a bright idea of depicting his life’s journey by means of a charcoal sketch. He went ahead and implemented the idea and ended up in the Virtue Book of Records. Yusuf is thankful to them for their support and encouragement.



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