Your Window to the Asian World on a Plate



Text by: Sheetal C

Muted peach and grey tones welcome you into Misu. Nothing flashy, in fact, rather understated, you might think it’s a work in progress. Lots of metal, and an uber and hip vibe; the mix of high tables and regular seating make for a layered and spacious layout. Your first impressions might not be ‘wow’. Until you come face to face with the eye-catching, wall-high painting of the Asian girl that is. She dares you to look away. The food at Misu is just like that.

The dishes are the familiar sounding ones that well-travelled Indians will recognise and crave. Malaysian Nasi Goreng, Bangkok’s street-side Raw Mango Salad, Japanese Sushi and Dumplings…but wait…the punch is in the first bite. Misu gathers all our Pan Asian favourites into a tight hug under one roof. The flavours are bang on and dare you to look away or put your cutlery down.

Amit Ahuja, the brain behind The Open Box has unwrapped this gift box for Bengaluru. His philosophy is simple: “We have had an influx of gimmicky restaurants, and it’s time to go back to favourites and basics.” Makes sense right? When you reminisce about your last trip to Bangkok, what is the first thing that you miss? The food? The Mango Sticky Rice? Can you whip up that authentic Khow Suey you had in Burma? That’s the food delivery Misu promises. Authentic taste, classy portion sizes and world famous dishes presented to perfection in a fine dining space.

The tiny open kitchen is manned by a super efficient set of chefs doling out plates of food that taste as divine as they look. Non-foamy and non-smokey does not translate to a lack of presentation. The plating is simple, elegant and inviting, not intimidating! They invite you to have a hearty bite or two…or five if you please!

Soups like the Tom Yum have just the right bite of spice and hint of Kaffir lime and Galangal. Stunners like the spicy Pomelo Salad (drool worthy), Turnip Cakes, Kung Pao Prawn or Chicken, Drunken Beef, the Rainbow Dumplings, and the Fried Coconut & Shrimp Rolls, Indonesian Ikan Pepe, have become popular, fail-safe small plate orders. Mains include curries like the Masamman and Hong Kong Curry Fish Balls and meals in a bowl like Nasi Goreng and Wonton Mee.

A full bar and some seriously good cocktails with South-East flavours like the Hakka and Singapore Symphony hit the spot. Don’t forget to try the Ice cream Sandwich from the carts of Singapore and ask for the chilli truffles as a parting shot, just like we did!

Misu’s winning card is authenticity. Yes, they use actual fresh coconut milk in your Thai curry and not the one poured out of tetra packs. Which is why we would happily go back time and again to satiate our Misu cravings.

MISU, Halcyon Complex, 4th Floor, Building 9 St. Marks Road, Central Bengaluru.

Call: +91 80 4965 2513

Open daily from 12:30 pm – 15:30 pm & 7 pm to midnight.



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