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Today, life goes by in spending more than half of your day at work, and the remaining between the gym and socialising. The habits and lifestyle that our grandparents followed are slowly falling off the track. With all this going on, stress levels seem to be on the rise. Add to this- a little bit of the uber cool wave of fitness and nutrition, it is only imperative that you pay attention to what you eat and what supplements you take.

A nutritionist is one of those friends you definitely want to have in your contacts list. After all who doesn’t want to have access to one with their random questions while standing in the middle of the grocery store aisle? “What were those raw vegan wraps you recommended?”, “Is this green juice really as healthy as it looks?” and so on… Here are some tips from some of the top notch nutritionists…

Sridevi Jasti, Holistic Nutritionist and Founder at Vibrant Living Foods

Belief: One can become healthier by adopting a life-changing and mindful shift to organic nutritious food. This conviction led me to set up Vibrant Living, a company that produces highly nutritious and delicious vegan and gluten-free foods in Hyderabad.

Forte: I am an ardent organic food proponent, and prefer foods being grown bio-dynamically and organically. I also import ingredients which are not easily available here.

Known for: I make diet plans keeping in mind our personal and emotional connect with food, our tastes and preferences. I do diet plans for various health conditions like diabetes, heart health, beauty and anti-aging. It is important to do a juice detox once in a while to cleanse but under professional guidance. I supervise ‘Only on Juice’ detox seasonally as I know that ‘Safe in and safe out’ is critical to avoid health issues! But mostly, my cleanses are more about consuming clean and pure foods. I also incorporate solid meals along with amazing beverages like wheatgrass, green smoothies and superfood chia-berry drinks. Lunches under my programmes are organic, freshly cooked, filling and delicious! We have mid morning and mid afternoon juices and we end with a wholesome dinner stew/soup.

Each day sees inspired lunch and dinner creations, crafted from the best fresh produce available! My key strength is in understanding and living the philosophy that wholesome, clean foods have a daily and long-term effect on the human body and mind.

Sridevi can be contacted on +91 8096091111 and



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