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Today, life goes by in spending more than half of your day at work, and the remaining between the gym and socialising. The habits and lifestyle that our grandparents followed are slowly falling off the track. With all this going on, stress levels seem to be on the rise. Add to this- a little bit of the uber cool wave of fitness and nutrition, it is only imperative that you pay attention to what you eat and what supplements you take.

A nutritionist is one of those friends you definitely want to have in your contacts list. After all who doesn’t want to have access to one with their random questions while standing in the middle of the grocery store aisle? “What were those raw vegan wraps you recommended?”, “Is this green juice really as healthy as it looks?” and so on… Here are some tips from some of the top notch nutritionists…

Hemlata Rathi, Nutrition and wellness consultant, Soul Beauty and wellness centre LLP

Belief: I believe that the absolute healthiest food recommended daily is the locally grown nutrition rich food taken in a balanced form. Processed and packaged food with added preservatives are a definite no-no.

On Cold Pressed Food: The latest trend among the fitness and nutrition freaks is cold pressed juices and oils. But again benefits of the same depend on how we look at it. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Cold pressed juices are exposed to minimal heat and air so are claimed to hold more vitamins minerals and enzymes from the whole fruit but we also have to remember that juice focused diet does not provide all the nutrients our body needs. Most fruits and vegetables contain little protein or fat and juicing process removes much of the fibre. One more point to understand is that it is next to impossible for a person to eat nine apples or oranges, 12 carrots in one sitting that an average cold press juice bottle amounts to. If you love juice have a cold pressed one but balance it with other healthy food. Cold pressed juices are good.

Many individuals use Juice Cleanse as a form of detoxifying the body but we always forget that we have  entire organs working round the clock devoted to detoxification – healthy liver and kidneys. So we need to follow a consistent balanced nutrition plan rather than detoxification to maintain optimum health.

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