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Today, life goes by in spending more than half of your day at work, and the remaining between the gym and socialising. The habits and lifestyle that our grandparents followed are slowly falling off the track. With all this going on, stress levels seem to be on the rise. Add to this- a little bit of the uber cool wave of fitness and nutrition, it is only imperative that you pay attention to what you eat and what supplements you take.

A nutritionist is one of those friends you definitely want to have in your contacts list. After all who doesn’t want to have access to one with their random questions while standing in the middle of the grocery store aisle? “What were those raw vegan wraps you recommended?”, “Is this green juice really as healthy as it looks?” and so on… Here are some tips from some of the top notch nutritionists…

Dr. Shuba Dharmana,  MBBS DFFP DPD (UK), Cosmetic Dermatologist, Nutritionist, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Chief Evangelist and CEO LeJeune Group of Medspas

Known for: I do not advocate detox diets, as I think they can be detrimental. They have a bad effect on your mood and energy levels, and I believe every meal should be balanced and have fat, protein and carbohydrate in them even if it’s a snack.

The vegan diet: A Vegan diet has several benefits but it is also something that needs a lot of understanding and determination. Sourcing is difficult and we have certainly less choices here when it comes to eating out. The advantages are that we believe in animal rights when we go vegan as there will be no animals that will be slaughtered like they are being right now (some even at birth). There is a lot of disturbance in our ecosystem and environment because of animal farming. Top soil erosion and pollution of ground water is accelerated with animal farming. Also animal farming today involves giving them a lot of chemicals, antibiotics and they are fed with chemical fertilizer laden crops and grains that in turn affect us – this adversely causes diseases, cancers and dementia. There is also increased risk of certain diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer from eating animal products.

Substitutes for protein and calcium: Greens like spinach, kale, green peas, green beans, hemp powder, non dairy milk like soy milk or almond milk, nuts, seeds, nut butters, quinoa, tofu, lentils, beans, and sprouted grains. Also, calcium fortified soy and almond milk, calcium fortified tofu, soybean, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, collards, kale, mustard greens and okra. For several years we have been blaming fats as a food group to have caused cardiovascular problems. Today the research is telling us it’s not the fats but the amount of sugar we are ingesting that is the root cause of the problems.

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