Yorkston Thorne Khan at Phoenix MarketCity



Providing the city with an unforgettable experience of an Indo – British fusion music, Phoenix MarketCity in association with the British Council, presented an evening of groovy music by an experimental collaborative group, Yorkston Thorne Khan, on Friday evening.


The troupe had James Yorkston, considered as one of the most influential singer-songwriter on the Scottish Folk scene, Jon Thorne, who is best known as a Jazz Double Bass player and Suhail Yusuf Khan, award winning sarangi player and classical singer from New Delhi.

The Yorkston Thorne Khan group was at Phoenix MarketCity as part of their first ever multi-city tour in India introduced by British Council; and provided a unique kind of music with a fusion of national and international melodies. The group rendered a mixed delivery of Indian Classical, Jazz, Contemporary and many more genres.

The trio enthralled the crowd, and brought together a feel of the Indian Classical and Jazz essence in World Music for the 21st century. The music compositions carried out a fun and exciting performance with diverse combinations of different countries which created a wave of applauses and cheers among the audience.


Playing the guitar, nyckelharpa (string instrument), Indian sarangi and the bass, the maestros tackled a wide range of different sounds through traditional tunes from Scotland and India, leaving the audience thunderstruck and amazed. The audience comprised of people of various age groups, from different parts of the city to witness the unique concert, first-hand.

The concert began with the melodious beats of Hindustani folklore and Sufi music that was blended with a Scottish rendition by James Yorkston. The strums and the beats of sarangi echoed through the atmosphere and reverberated with the songs sung by Suhail Khan. Jon Thorne lent a magical and a powerful support to the vocalists and mesmerized the audiences up to the hilt. The trio also shared musical background and their various experiences together with the audience.

Showcasing their different instruments through mesmerizing compositions and reprises, the musicians provided an altogether different taste of national and international music. The audience enjoyed the band’s one-of-a-kind musical performance, and were seen swaying along to the beautiful and compelling beats.

The powerful performance rendered by Yorkston Thorne Khan reloaded the senses of all those who were present on Friday evening and made it a night to remember.


Commenting on the occasion Mr. Murugan Rajan, Center Director, Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai said: “It was a wonderful experience to watch the crowd enjoy and appreciate the performance by the internationally acclaimed group Yorkston Thorne Khan. The band brought about a completely relaxed night of World-Folk by the end of their performance! We intend to be a pinnacle for performing arts of all kinds and provide varied forms of live music entertainment in the city.”

Alan Gemmell, OBE, Director, British Council India says: “The British Council’s work in the Arts includes bringing together musicians, creative producers and practitioners from the UK and India to create new collaborative work. The folk and jazz sectors in the UK have seen successful re-emergence and diversification of the genres, with practitioners and artists conserving traditional music forms and styles while developing new dimensions that reflect a more contemporary sensibility and sound. We are pleased to support this exciting collaboration and India tour”.



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