WOW Detox Tress Mask


Having hair that is free from frizz, less damaged, and voluminous is something we all strive to have. Your face isn’t the only one deserving of a little special one-on-one time. Just as our faces are bombarded with dust, harsh winds, pollution, and more daily, we put our hair strands through a lot, too. Thankfully, hair masks exist. A mask is like a conditioner, but on steroids. WOW has launched a range of hair masks to help you through the various issues we face with our hair.

WOW Skin Science Hair Mask for Dry and Damaged Hair breathes new lease of life into hair harmed by dyes, heat chemical styling, ultraviolet sun rays, and rough handling. Your tresses look smoother, silkier and stronger.

WOW Skin Science Hair Mask for Normal Hair gives the ultimate nourishing care to revive and revitalize your tresses. Even normal hair needs intensive care to stay healthy and look good.

WOW Skin Science Hair Mask for Colored and Treated Hair helps prolong your hair color’s life. It also helps treated hair regain natural strength and softness.

WOW Skin Science Anti-Dandruff Hair Mask’s advanced formulation has Rosebay Extract to re-balance scalp’s micro-flora, reduce oiliness of scalp and regulate scalp’s inflammatory response. This hair mask works by boosting scalp health and cutting out itching, irritation, and allergies.



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