World’s longest serving lawyer from Palakkad


A 97 year old lawyer from Palakkad in Kerala named P R Menon  has entered the Guinness World Record of practising for more than 73 years and 60 days. He has overtaken the earlier record of 70 years and 311 days set by a Gibraltar government lawyer Louis Triay who died this year in February at the age of 94.

Menon still attends court with the spirit of a beginner. At 97, his memory is sharp and he loves to reminisce about his early career days in the 1950’s.
He studied law at the Madras Law College currently known as Dr. Ambedkar Government Law College, Chennai. He practised for 2 years in the Madras High Court and then shifted base to Palakkad.
He focussed on civil law and his residence in Puthur in Palakkad town is open to everyone. He is said to be a textbook for beginners.
He  approaches all cases with utmost seriousness and he ensures that he gets justice for his clients.


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