World Record is Set for The Longest Hair Extension


In an attempt to spread awareness on ‘Early detection of Breast Cancer’, Vels University in association with Maha Hair and Beauty Academy and Da Extentionzz created a world record for the longest hair extension in Pink stretching up to 484.5 meters in 3 Hours 11 Minutes 31 Seconds (3:11:31). Neharikka Sanjay was the model for this Longest Hair Extension.

About 100 professionally qualified hairdressers, beauticians and salon owners from various countries took part in the event. Previously, a team of students from the United Kingdom held the world record for longest hair extension spreading up to 362 meters. The program – Pink Power, Locks of Hope was held between 9 am and 6 pm at Shivalaya Hall, Vels University, Pallavaram. The attempt is being validated by Guinness World Records and many more.

Dr. Ishari K.Ganesh, founder Chancellor, Vels University was present at the event and assured that The University will keep supporting such great initiatives for women in the future.  There was a medical booth where medics were spreading awareness on early detection of breast cancer. “An important part of being aware of your breast health is making sure that you are performing self-examinations regularly. While you’re in the shower or before bed, a few simple steps can be taken to check for abnormalities and to become familiar with your breasts so you can recognize any problems that may occur,” said Mahalakshmi Kamalakannan, founder, Maha Hair and Beauty Academy. Adding to this, Menaka Ramkumar, CEO, DA Extensionzz said, we have just initiated our awareness campaign through this world record. Our main intention is to connect with all corporates. We are reaching out to different brands to get connected with us to promote the awareness camp and take it to the national level.



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