World Earth Day with Grammy Award Winner


In line with VR Bengaluru’s philosophy of ‘Connecting Communities’, the centre celebrated World Earth Day with VR Green 2018, featuring an ecofriendly Green marketfollowed by a grand performance by Grammy award winner Ricky Kej. The outstanding concert focused on creating awareness around recycling and perils of plastic. The Green Market stood out for showcasing a diverse spread of ecologically sound products from Maya Organic, Daily Dump, Unempty Bottle, and Wheat Grass. Music is a universal medium to connect with people, and Grammy Award winner Ricky Kej, unveiled and performed 12 brand new songs which are specially composed keeping in mind the young members of the society at the concert. He also performed songs from his previous album ‘Shanti Samsara’. The performance brought about a mellow and peaceful atmosphere, with subtle sounds of nature and prompted the audience to reclaim Mother Earth from the clutches of single-use plastic waste. Along with the renowned musician, 40 international artists enthralled the crowd comprising young minds, with messages on conserving the environment through new-age music.



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