Actor Megha Akash Launched Wondr Diamonds By Aishwarya & Soundarya Guptha


Actor Megha Akash launched Wondr Diamonds By Aishwarya Guptha & Soundarya Guptha, South India’s biggest and Tamil Nadu’s first Earth-friendly Diamond Store, and is all set to revolutionize the diamond jewellery industry by introducing lab-grown diamonds to the marketplace and making magnificent diamond jewellery accessible to all. Our ultimate objective is to make world-class diamonds attainable to every Indian family who has dreamt of owning diamonds.


We are a symbol of innovation and have taken a strong step towards conscious & sustainable luxury. Our brand values responsibility and traceability as well as social and environmental consciousness while crafting stunning jewellery.

Earth-friendly Diamonds or Lab Grown Diamonds, as the name goes, are created in a lab using state-of-the-art technology that replicates the natural diamond creation process. They exhibit the same brilliance and sparkle as natural diamonds. Lab diamonds are100% diamonds and have exactly the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined Diamonds. The differences, imperceptible to even a gemologist’s trained eye, can only be deduced by a machine.

Our Earth-friendly diamonds completely eliminate the environmental and ethical consequences of mined diamonds and are treasures that do not tarnish the planet. Lab diamonds can cost 60% lesser than mined diamonds making sustainable luxury now attainable as well. Every single diamond from Wondr is graded as per the 4Cs, certified, and the gold hallmarked. We also offer exchange and buyback of jewellery.

Award-winning designers and craftsmen at Wondr make every piece of jewellery a true masterpiece. All our jewellery is designed and manufactured at our in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Wondr Diamonds brings every woman a step closer to owning the Perfect Diamond to wear, love, and flaunt. Our founders, gemologists, and entrepreneurs, Aishwarya and Soundarya, were mesmerized by the idea of creating diamonds in a lab rather than mining them, without compromising on quality. Our brand mission is to make sustainable luxury affordable to every woman.

“We found the concept of earth-friendly diamonds very appealing and were immediately drawn to it! As we delved deeper into the study of the concept, we realized that this product is truly transformational.” – Soundarya, Founder, Wondr Diamonds.

“Our diamonds are more affordable, purer, and more environment friendly compared to natural diamonds, and they do not lose any of the sparkle or lustre. A vast population of Indians aspires to buy diamonds and Wondr not only makes those dreams an achievable reality, but we also do it without harming the earth in any way.” – Aishwarya, Founder, Wondr Diamonds.

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