Woman who killed husband for calling her a prostitute not murder


The Supreme Court has held that a woman who killed her husband because he called her and her daughters as prostitutes is not guilty of murder as it was due to grave and sudden provocation. The court held that no woman would be ready to hear such a word against her daughters  and the verdict was modified and the sentence was reduced to 10 years in jail  In this particular case,  a woman was having an extra marital affair with her neighbour.

When the husband came to know about it, there was a dispute and the woman and her lover killed the husband burnt the body and disposed it. She later made a confession to the teacher of the village. Both the Trial Court and the Madras High Court found her and her lover guilty of murder.However when an appeal was made to the Supreme Court, it found that the verbal insult amounted to a sudden provocation and that led the women to lose her self control. Hence it held her not guilty of murder and reduced her sentence to 10 years in jail



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