Woman wears 5.5 kg of clothes to avoid paying baggage fee


Adriana Ocampo was travelling with airline Jetstar from Melbourne to her home in Adelaide, Australia with her friend. She realised that her carry-on baggage exceeded the maximum weight limit of 7 kilos. In order to avoid paying the excess baggage fee, she put on all her extra clothes. Her friend did the same too.

A video of this 19 year old woman wearing 5.5 kg of clothes including jackets, jumpers and trousers went viral. She had worn about 6 layers of extra clothes.
In spite of doing this, she had to pay a fine of $65 as her baggage was still 1 kg more than the limit. Moreover, she had to wear all that extra clothing on the plane as well.
A similar incident took place in 2019 when a passenger on a Filipino airline wore about 2.5 kg of clothing to bring her bag’s weight down to 6.5 kg. She had posted a hilarious photo of this on Facebook.


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