Woman sets Guinness World Record for eating chicken nuggets

Nela Zisser, former Miss Earth, New Zealand and a medical student found the time to set a new world record. She consumed the most number of chicken nuggets in a minute. She posted a video of her devouring the fast food favourite during an attempt in Auckland, New Zealand. Zisser gulped down 298 grams equal to 10. 5 ounces of nuggets which numbered 16 in just a minute. She had earlier set the world record by eating 200 grams of nuggets. She tried taking little sips of water in between to get the nuggets down quicker.
EATING RECORD: This time Nela Zisser has broken the record for the most number of nuggets eaten in a minute.
21 November 2020
New Zealand Herald photograph by Hayden Woodward
Zisser has 252,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Many kiwis have tried this feat earlier and the record created by the 28 year old is no mean feat. She was  earlier placed fifth in Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest held annually in the United States and is regarded as the top eating competition in the world. She was approached by the Guinness World Records Team and presented with a list of challenges that she could attempt and she chose the nuggets challenge and succeeded in getting into the Guinness Book of World Records for her feat.


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