Woman assaulted by delivery man


A woman from Bengaluru has posted a video on the internet showing her bleeding nose after she was attacked by a Zomato delivery man. This video has gone viral. Hitesha Chandranee is a make-up artist who ordered food from Zomato around 3.30 p.m. on the 9th of March. The food was supposed to be delivered within an hour. As she did not get the delivery on time, she kept following up the matter with Zomato customer care to either give her a free delivery or to cancel the order.

The delivery person went late and was so rude that she did not open the full door but spoke to him from a gap in the door. She told him that since the order was delivered very late, she did not want the order. The delivery man started screaming, he managed to push the door as he was a huge man and punched Hitesha and ran away. Her nose started bleeding from the impact of the punch. Hitesha is seen having a breakdown in the video while narrating her story. This incident took place in Electronic City and a police complaint has been filed.
Netizens are infuriated on seeing the video and many of them slammed the food delivery app and raised questions about the safety of customers, especially women.
In response to Hitesha’s allegation, Zomato apologised for this traumatic experience and are in touch with Hitesha and have been providing her with medical care and are also cooperating with the investigation. They said the delivery partner has been deleted from their platform. The culprit has been arrested and investigations are going on.



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