‘Wingless’ & ‘Ek Raja Ki Kahani’ @ Lamakaan,Hyderabad




Samahaara In association with Inspire Enrichment Center, Gachibowli and Theatre Circle The Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad presents two fabulous plays by children – Wingless and Ek Raja ki Kahani

Director: Nasreen Ishaque, Chandra Sekhar Indla

Writer: Paro Anand
Wingless (English) by Samahaara
A Fairly Weird Fairy Tale
Written by Paro Anand
Directed by Nasreen Ishaque
Chutki isn’t born perfect. She is born wingless. So what, So are most of us. Only difference is that she’s a princess, the much-awaited baby of the King and Queen of heavens. It’s Big, so what! Rejected by the un-angelic angels up there, her parents smuggle her out of heaven. So now begins the journey to earth and the adventures to find her a new, loving home.
After much struggle, a loving home was found for her. As Chutki grows up, a day comes when the story of her heavenly origins is revealed to her. Though troubled by her origins, she forgets the difference soon and yearns to join Heaven and Earth. And she does it so by her strength and beauty. Chutki shows those who cared to see that an angel doesn’t need wings to be an angel. She becames the Horizon, joining both her homes and all her people.

Ek Raja Ki Kahani (Hindi)
By ”Theatre Circle” The Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad

Directed by Chandrasekhar Indla
This play is inspired by the folk story The King and the Tamarind drum. A king forces his people to be ugly and proudly proclaims that he is the most beautiful person in his kingdom and amongst all the gods. One of the gods who overhears the king curses him. What is this curse? How did it effect the kings life? To satiate your queries come and watch the play.

Where: Lamakaan, Banjara Hills, Opposite GVK One Mall, Off Road No. 1, Hyderabad

Date & Time: Sat 21 May, 08:00 AM



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