Wife murders husband by pouring boiling water and sugar on him


Corinna Smith, a 59 year old woman from the UK murdered her 81 year old husband by pouring boiling water and sugar on him after getting into a dispute with him. She is said to have mixed a bucket of boiling water with three bags of sugar and poured it over her husband Michael Baines. She then went to a nearby house and informed the occupant about what she had done. The neighbour contacted the police and the ambulance. The police officers arrived and found Baines lying in bed with severe skin injuries

He was rushed to the Whitson Hospital Burns Unit in a serious condition. He remained there for two weeks in a stable condition before his condition deteriorated and in spite of the best efforts of the medical staff, Baines passed away.
Corinna was charged with murder and a jury at Chester Crown Court found her guilty of murder after a five day trial for killing her husband in such a cruel and painful way. She will be sentenced on July 9.



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