Whitefield is Now Social


Whitefield, home to hundreds and thousands of young like-minded liberals, bustling hyper-growth startups, wide open spaces, intimate gardens and ginormous IT parks that is host to the biggest names in technology. Bangalore’s quiet satellite sister has had a makeover and is all set to cut loose, more so than ever with the new Social in Whitefield.

It’s hard to believe that Whitefield hadn’t a hangout in sight (or in hiding) that was befitting of its global, free thinking residents before Social was drawn to birds of its feather. Whitefield Social is not only designed to be a neighborhood watering hole, but a collaborative jampad too. A hub where Whitefield’s artists, coders, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs meet up and discover each other.

“The people of Bangalore have validated our faith in Social’s unique format by injecting it with their own unique passions and creative energies that have colored them with personality. We are happy to be a part of Whitefield’s eco-system. Social is a space where serendipity occurs, creative collisions are encouraged and we’re quite excited about the possibility of what will come out of it”, says Riyaaz Amlani, CEO and MD at Impresario Entertainment and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

Across Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi, entrepreneurs at Social have met photographers and writers have met web developers to form a community of individuals that may well be a sub-culture in its own. A sub-culture that thrives on the innovation the brand brings to the table day in and out, be it food, workshops, creative sessions and live music. Whitefield Social is a space that will take people offline while still keeping them connected; creating a community discovers, connects and creates.

In sharp contrast to its worldly vibe, the interiors are an inspired throwback to the Anglo-Indian era that the Whitefield Bangaloreans are more familiar with. Designed by Faizan Khatri and Samir Raut of Studio Eight TwentyThree, this space pays an ode to the context of the location with of course. Social’s design ethos represents minimum intervention and maximum up-cycle. It makes an anti design statement with unfinished bare walls which are eased in with the plush leather sofas. Skeletal table clamp lights add strong lines to the large communal tables and naked bulbs. Cross over the open court seating into the glass paneled facade and solid rough cut wood log tables greet you with sheen – ready for a day of productivity.

For a neighbourhood of residents whose primary occupation is disruption, the menu at Whitefield Social offers its own take on the future of food and drink – the results are guaranteed to raise eyebrows, and act as conversation pieces in themselves. They’re fun, quirky and devilishly unexpected. The presentation matches the sheer creative audacity of the drink recipes, pound for pound. The Deconstructed Moscow Mule is served in a mule mug, with a beaker tied up in muslin cloth with smoked Vodka and a pipette with bitters is a sight when served. Whitefield has a good thing going and it’s only bound to get better with Whitefield Social in the mix. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood and find yourself wondering where to step out for a quick nip, con-call, freewheeling creative jam, Whitefield Social is open for business.

Address: 29, Phoenix Market City, Mahadevpura, Dyavasandra, Phase-II Industrial Area, Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore- 560048



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