When Love Came A Courtin’


Atlee & Priya (1)

It may not have been that instant zing, that collision of two galaxies as their eyes met or their hands touched. For Atlee and Priya love took it’s time and continues to be an ever growing process.

What’s in a name, they say. But something as simple as a name can create ripples through the universe and lead you on a chosen path. It was one such moment that led Priya to the man that she would call her own. “We met during an audition for the film Enthiran where Atlee was the assistant director. It was just plain curiosity as to who the man behind the name was, and ever since have been friends,” says Priya.

Atlee & Priya (2)

In a clichéd twist of fate it was only when Priya’s parents began to look for suitable matches that Atlee decided to step up and play big. “I did have a crush on Priya from the very beginning. I was floored by her child-like charm. It is something that most men desire in a partner,” Atlee says. “Like any other day, I was telling Atlee about the groom-hunt and out of the blue he suggested that I show his horoscope to my parents. I laughed it off thinking he was joking, turns out he was not.” giggles Priya. “I just could not let her belong to another,” he says.

The young couple, however, decided to go ahead scripting their love story only with the blessings of their elders. “We were certain that we would wait until our parents agreed,” says Atlee. But did the couple have a plan B? “We did. My father is a strict person, but Atlee managed to charm his way and win them over,” Priya says, smiling as she withholds the secret Plan B.

Atlee & Priya (4)

Following a courtship of about six months, the two finally tied the knot.

Despite his rise to fame with his super hit directorial debut Raja Rani, Atlee and Priya continue to enjoy walks on the beach and long bike rides.

Responding to whether their romance was inspirational in the making of Raja Rani, Atlee says that their love story would only star as a separate feature.

You don’t need a reason to love someone. “Atlee is the most caring person I have come across. There is no one thing that makes him the person of my dreams. Together we can weather every storm,” Priya says. “ The key to happiness is listening to the woman in your life. No one else can love you like your mother or your wife. Women are right most of the time!” laughs Atlee.

Atlee & Priya (3)

On a closing note, Atlee says, “Never let a fight get out of hand. Your anger should only last a couple of seconds.” Words of wisdom from a young husband, because love is worth it after all.



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