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Symbol of everlasting love

Newlyweds, Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge unveiled an exquisite new range of Platinum Evara collection at Abaran store in Bengaluru recently. The new range features designs inspired by international trends made for the sartorial choices of the modern bride and groom. The beautiful couple were joined by Pratap Kamath, Managing Director, Abaran Jewellery and Kamna Chowdhury, Director Consumer Insights & Marketing, Platinum Guild International (PGI) at the launch. Cricketer Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge of Chak De! India fame spoke to RITZ Magazine on how they met each other and fell in love and their plans ahead.

By Namita Gupta

  1. How did you meet each other and was it love at first sight?

Zaheer: Yes it was love at first sight, I am lucky that this relationship happened. We never had a chance to go out on a dinner by ourselves. We were always around our friends. Through that we got to know each other and build that comfort level. Finally I had to ask her out on a date when all our friends were around and asked her if we could meet with just the two of us without the others and that’s when all of it happened.

Sagarika: I think he was very sensible about the relationship, he took his time otherwise we wouldn’t have been married now.

  1. How much did you know Zaheer other than him being a famous cricketer? Did you follow his cricket?

Zaheer: Let me answer that… no she did not.

Sagarika: I’ve been a sports person. I watch cricket when India plays just like we all Indians watch it. Although I’ve not followed a particular cricketer as such, I knew what an exceptional bowler he was.

Zaheer: I’m not sure about that but I knew that she had friends who followed cricket and eventually she got to know a lot about me.

Sagarika: I never followed a player. For me it was the game that I would sit and watch.

  1. You have watched her in the movie Chak De! India. What was your reaction?

Zaheer: I had seen her movie. It was a sports based film as well and it was an easy connect for us. She was involved in a lot of sports herself. She used to be an active player in a lot of school events and that is also one thing that helped us connect to each other.

Sagarika: Shah Rukh Khan’s energy is very uplifting. Even when you’re tired playing hockey, the energy comes as he is always so energetic and that peps up the whole atmosphere.

  1. You waited all these years to meet the right partner so was there any apprehensions in the beginning?

Sagarika: I think he was a little more clear on this but I was the one who was a little lost, but with him it did bring a lot of clarity.

  1. How was the wedding like?

Zaheer: It was amazing. I was like what both of us had imagined. Having friends and family around and having people who matter to us around.

  1. What are your plans ahead?

Zaheer: Currently I do a mix of everything. Cricket is still my passion. Some part of cricket keeps me busy through the year, especially during the IPL. I also own a chain of gyms which keeps me occupied.

Sagarika: There is another film that I’ve completed recently and will get released in the coming year. It’s a thriller.

  1. Do you take hands on interest in the business?

Zaheer: Yes. That’s something that has always been my passion. Through Pro Sport the brand I always wanted to give back towards healthy lifestyle and fitness.

  1. How did you both connect over jewellery?

Zaheer: It’s great how one connect over a piece of jewellery. The jewellery department was taken care by my mother and it was interesting to watch my mom and Sagarika bond over jewellery.

  1. Do you both workout together? What are some of the common passions you both share and how do you spend time together?

Sagarika: We do infact. Quite a few times we end up working out together. Now that we started living together we will workout together whenever we can.

Zaheer: Sports and watching TV serials together. Both of us also enjoy travelling.

  1. How often do you come to Bengaluru and is there any other city connection?

Zaheer: I have come to Bengaluru for many matches and even otherwise I come here to play often as the National Cricket Academy is here where we had many camps and training sessions.

Sagarika: I studied in a boarding and we came here to Bishop Cottons for a school competition from Mayo and we stayed in a boys hostel.




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