What’s The Scoop?


It’s time for some frozen treats with Papacream’s lip-smacking ice creams and more. Born out of a burning passion to create a new culinary approach to something as basic as ice cream, Papacream strikes the perfect balance between the orthodox ice cream lovers who don’t move beyond the basic flavours and the people who are open to new creative experiences. Papacream is home to wacky flavours like Horlicks and Nutella pancakes ice cream, virgin mojito sorbet, tipsy whisky, Bubble Gum flavour and the salted caramel popcorn ice cream, but its ‘normal’ flavours are pretty killer, too – try Oreo, Mango, Orange, Strawberry, Anjeer, Belgian Chocolate and Chikoo. Belgian Chocolate is an all-time favourite with many and won our hearts too. Papacream quintessentially is, hand crafted gourmet decadence, made using ingredients in their purest form with no artificial flavours, colour or essence.

With an exciting vision and an extraordinary menu, Papacream puts a different spin on the average ice-cream experience by turning it into a sumptuous epicurean affair. The menu, thoughtfully curated over a period of time, offers a variety of delicious frozen sweets – bubble waffles, cookie and doughnut ice cream sandwiches along with milkshakes and summer coolers to beat the heat. The newly opened Papacream store on Harlur Road and JP Nagar in Bengaluru welcomes you with a pastel themed store with playful decor elements like pink bicycle bar stools and an ice cream monster wall. The store has a clean, modernistic design combined with up beat colours – to put it simply, Papacream has all the makings of a happy place; the stuff of dreams! Adding to the exhaustive and colourful inventions on the menu is a range of drool-worthy toppings that encompass red velvet crumble, orange crackling candy praline, cookie crumble, chocolate-coated almonds, frosty loops, fresh strawberry, cheesecake crumble, and a whole lot more that keep changing from time to time.

Commenting on her experience, owner Tanvi Chowdhri says, “Food has always been an intrinsic part of my being, and to be an F&B entrepreneur my dream. While I was working on Wall Street NYC, I explored the kitchens of my favorite chefs and had the opportunity to work with one on the weekends. It was then that I was inspired to make fine, gourmet ice cream that would break all barriers and stereotypes and create an experience of frozen delight.”

Tanvi Chowdhri, the founder of Papacream studied mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University after which she moved to NYC to pursue her career in finance. While working as a proprietary trader on Wall Street, she traversed the kitchens of her favourite chefs. It was then that the objective of creating unique, quirky, beguiling gourmet ice cream was decided on. After exploring different techniques of churning, recipe balancing and flavor profiling, began the Papacream journey.



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