Phoenix MarketCity, the city’s hub for lifestyle and live entertainment celebrated its third anniversary with a rib tickling performance to entertain the audience on Saturday evening.

A comedy gig Laugh OK Please, an annual property of the mall, was rendered by popular comedians Karthik Kumar, S. Aravind, Sundeep Rao, Alex and Baggy.

Welcomed with hoots and whistles Chennai boy Karthik Kumar, fondly known as KK, enthralled the crowd with his quick wit and intended puns.  His charisma and amusing mimicry was a crowd pleaser, incorporating tit bits from his successful solo act made popular in his recent tours, ‘#PokeMe’

SA (S. Aravind), better known as  ‘Loud Mouth from Down South’ with his quirky  ‘Madras-iness’, shared his whimsical opinion on anything and everything – from lungi dance to Sundar Pichai to strip clubs !! This filmmaker-turned-comedian is certainly high on life and humorously explained to the audience why being unconventional has become a way of life for him

Sundeep Rao, deemed as one of India’s funniest men, brought his unique style of edgy, honest and unfiltered humour to the stage that had the audience rolling in laughter. Probably India’s only partially blind standup comedian and he uses it as part of his sketch to provide the audience with a different view at things yet comically conveyed.

Needless to say Baggy was full of light-hearted jokes. A little known fact about Baggy is that he is the director of “39 Steps”, which got nominated for 9 Tony Awards and won 2 of them!  Alexander or Alex, proved to be a seasoned Toastmaster and charmed the audience with his eloquence. A former software engineer turned yoga instructor, Alex’s humorist perspective demonstrated a distinct style of comedy and uproarious tales from everyday life that got the audience doubling up with laughter!

The fab five gave Chennaites a laugh of a lifetime with their flippant tongue-in-cheek dialogues scripted and delivered perfectly, the four of them created an enchanting and chucklesome experience, which left the crowd gasping for air.

Speaking on the occasion lead comic, Karthik Kumar said: “It’s always a pleasure to perform at Phoenix MarketCity and we feel great to be here on the occasion of their 3rd anniversary. It’s lovely to see a large crowd and very motivating to see the audience enjoy our crazy and daring rants!”

Speaking on the occasion Noel Vessaoker, Centre Director, Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai said: “We are glad to celebrate the third anniversary of Phoenix MarketCity, on a light hearted note with the best of Indian stand-up comedy with Laugh OK Please.  It feels great to see Chennaites support and enjoy the niche of standup comedy in our city. Being an annual property; we are delighted to provide a space for our patrons to enjoy this form of entertainment every year”.



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