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A photographer is the person who helps you lock your memories forever – be it a wedding or a baby’s first birthday. The wedding season is round the corner, and it’s that time, when everyone’s looking for someone to capture their special moments.

Weddings are for life, and it is only fair to have the best one photographing your wedding day memories. In order to help you find the right wedding photographer, we’ve put together some of the best ones in the city, for you to know them better.

Candid or traditional – these are the guys who will make it happen by executing your vision.

Browse through our wedding photographer directory and make sure to choose a wedding photographer that you ‘click’ with – after all they will be capturing some of the biggest moments of your life.

If you have already hired your wedding photographer, then you are remarkably fortunate, but if you are still looking for the best, then here is the list to choose from. Read on to know them…

By Anahita Ahuja

Ashwin Kireet, founder Ashwin Kireet Photography

How did you get into this field?

Photography was a hobby. For the longest time I would just set off on random trips and capture everything that caught my eye and imagination. And then I started carrying it to birthday parties and engagements of close friends (never weddings). Friends and close cousins who saw these pictures encouraged me to turn professional and I said “Why not give it a try?” I did, and I don’t know how quick the last 7 years have passed.

Tell us about your primary style?

I believe I will be able to capture the most honest emotions when people trust me and drop their guard about letting their feelings show. That’s why I constantly am in conversation with the couple and their family members. I become a trusted friend and confidant. They, in turn, let me capture their most real emotions.

What’s the one thing you’re tired of hearing?

“Can you make me look like this person in this picture?” Please! No! I want to capture your most special moments on your most special day. Unique only to you. So, requests for reproductions really cause pain.

What do you particularly like about photographing weddings?

Weddings are momentous occasions. Every bride, groom and their families go through a varied series of emotions at different points during the events. As a photographer who loves capturing human emotions it’s a cornucopia of stories in the making.

What makes you different?

I don’t know. My clients usually tell me that I’ve made them very comfortable and that they knew in their hearts that I would get the best moments and memories for them. I guess my difference is inspiring this confidence in my clients and then delivering it each time.

Your favourite equipment…

I’m not very selective about equipment, because capturing a great moment has nothing to do with the equipment. But I prefer shooting with Canon gear for its colour fidelity. I’m also favourable to shooting with fixed lens especially the 85mm F1.2 and the 135mm F2.

Best place in the world to shoot…

Mykonos for its idyllic beauty and Prague for its sheer picturesque fairytale locales.

Best and worst moments as a photographer:

Best: When a bride’s 90 year old great grandmother saw the final pictures and gave me a surprise bear hug – such are the moments I live for.

Worst: The complete data of one entire set of wedding events got corrupted because of a hardware failure. Thanks to a brilliant engineer in Sweden and my infinite luck, I could recover the files.


Ph: +91 9885253838

Mail: candid@ashwinkireet.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AshwinKireetPhotography/




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