Fitness regime post the festival season: Wanitha Ashok


Festivals give us plenty to smile about. It is a time for celebration, merriment and with all that comes indulgence. Therefore, it is of primary importance that you remain healthy and fit during the festive season. With some workout discipline and diet control you can continue to rock the festive season and beyond with ease. Here’s a little help from Bengaluru’s fitness gurus that you can include in your daily workouts.


Fitness queen Wanitha Ashok shares a few fitness tips for and post the festive season.

Exercises cleanse many vital organs and rejuvenate the cells. The blood and lymphatic fluids distribute essential nutrients to the cells and remove metabolic waste and some dangerous toxins from the cells. Exercises increase blood circulation and improve the health of the cells and detox you. Walking, running, aerobics, swimming and other aerobic exercises are good for detoxification. Aerobic exercise gets the entire body moving and circulates the body fluids. Cardiovascular exercises increase the body temperature if done over a sustained period of time, making you sweat out toxins. So the thumb rule is to stick to a 40 minute of sustained cardio respiratory exercise.

Include core muscle exercises as it massages and stimulates the internal organs.

Deep breathing exercises are good free oxygen therapy for the body, which detox and rejuvenate the cells. A good choice would be kapalbhati, pranayama, Chinese breath exercise.
Apart from exercises diet plays and important role too. Cut down on refined food, deep fried, sweets and any other rich food. Sipping four cups of green tea a day will hasten the detox.



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