Wanderers & their Broken Compass


The Compass is one of the oldest navigational devices; pointing out the right direction to many a lost traveler, and keeping many others from losing their way. Inspired by this fundamental thought; ‘Broken Compass’ is a travel venture set up by co-founders Manjari Verma & Avani Patel. For as long as they remember, they have been traveling the path of the broken compass, and in 2009 they decided it was time to help people plan trips and see the world.

Manjari and Avani

With an intention to make individuals more open-minded about travel, Broken Compass provides a wide range of traveling solutions to anybody who wishes to discover a part of the earth. While customized, tailor-made holidays is their forte, their Group trips, Thematic trips and trips for Special Occasions provides a wide range for all kind of vacationers. Besides this, they also plan very exclusive trips for travel enthusiasts to off-beat, un-heard off yet the most fascinating locations. From the Backwaters of Kerela, to exploring the rainforests of Amazonia, Broken Compass will bring you an experience, which won’t be just a holiday, but a journey.

Customized Travel Made Solutions

Interest Specific/Group Trips Food trails, Photography, Adventure, Wildlife, Culture & Leisure.
Luxury Holidays Undiscovered places for HNI’s
Budget Trips For Individuals, Young Couples, Families  or Backpackers
Specials Babymooners, Honeymooners,Bachelor/ette Holidays, etc.
Travel Enthusiasts Off-beat, un-seen & unheard locations – Eg: Valley of Flowers in Uttaranchal.

“Planning trips and vacations comes naturally to us. What’s boring research to you is a new discovery for us! With Broken Compass, we want to make life easy for everyone by helping them at every stage; from the minute they think of going on a holiday – through their planning – till they are off! The world is a beautiful place and unfortunately one lifetime isn’t enough to see it all. But there is no harm in trying to cover as much as possible, right?” – Manjari Verma & Avani Patel, Co-Founders – Broken Compass.

And as they set you off on one of their travels, the compass seemingly is the most appropriate thing to slip into your travel bag. One thing though, their compass is a wee bit broken. Not to worry, it will get you there eventually. Just that it won’t lead you down the path most travelled. You’ll wander; you’ll explore and discover the difference between being a tourist and a traveler. And along the way, you’ll realise that to truly travel, you don’t need a lot of time or money. All you need is an open mind and lots of enthusiasm.



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