Walking Through Wonderland – Bengaluru


From colours galore, to quirky prints and kitschy designs, the Chumbak Home store on Bengaluru’s CMH Road is a riot of creativity, unique concept and happiness unlimited. While Yo Yo Mani welcomes you through the door, brand specific creatures like owls and elephants watch over you as you take time to walk through this magic maze of inventiveness.

It is inspired by the bold colours of India – orange, yellow, teal, green and hot pink – shades that have also been synonymous with brand Chumbak so far. Yet, the subtle differences in brand specifics can’t be ignored. From a quirky brand that was once associated with moustache, chappal and turban patterns to the more upscale geometric and floral prints, the Chumbak interiors and home decor range is vastly different from its previously unorthodox predecessor.

Says Vivek Prabhakar, Founder and Chief Executive of the brand, “Chumbak Home is meant to be that accent piece in your house. You are not meant to come here and decide to decorate your entire home with our merchandise.”  Walking through the store is like a journey of absolute discovery. From the peppy combination of retro hits and sing-along kind of songs that blast away from hidden speakers, to the introductory wall displaying new merchandise that almost never looks like what it did a week ago, the decor of the store is constantly evolving and so are the designs.

With creative use of installations be it in the funky treatment of a ceiling fan or the collection of lights in lime green holders that dazzle the path that leads to the upper level of the store, everything in Chumbak Home speaks of highly creative minds with a twist. From unique crockery and dining accessories like table mats and napkin rings, to a bold range of lamp shades with distinctive holders, quirky wall art, silly jars and candle holders, pretty T-lights and exotic bird cages, you’re bound to walk out with your bags full, should you choose to enter this store.

“We’re also manufacturing furniture – sofas, tables, chairs and ottomans, storage units and poufs. The new design aesthetic for the brand is very different from what it used to be before,” tells Vivek. Considering that their clients are primarily women, aged between 25 and 35, Vivek and his team have chosen to delve deeper into the female mind, understanding what they want, their preference of colours and texture and the little idiosyncrasies that appease them, before planning the line and the interiors of the store.

“Our aim was simple, we wanted everyone who walked into the store to leave happy; irrespective of whether or not they made a purchase. Hence everything that you see, the way displays have been planned, the manner in which we have grouped designs, new products highlighted in a particular fashion – the sole aim is to see the customer walk out in a happy frame of mind,” explains Vivek.

The boblets outside change with the season, as do the interiors of the store. Space has been creatively used and designed in every nook and cranny. The display area below the stairway changes as per the occasion – it presently sports a very monsoon look and feel to it. Clever lighting, unfinished rough hewn walls, a hanging stairway and walls accented in bright pops of colour add that quirky element. Smart displays, well-planned grouping techniques and uncomplicated arrangement also add to the novelty of the store



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