Walkathon in support of public transport


To encourage the use of public transport, a walkathon is being organised across 60 cities in Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.


YatraGenie, a hyper market for bus, cab and hotel bookings is organizing the initiative which will commence from Mysore on 1st May. As a part of this campaign, the YatraGenie team will closely interact with citizens in each city and understand the problems pertaining to the local transport sector.

Renil Komitla, CEO, YatraGenie said,  “The traffic situation in our cities and towns is becoming increasingly congested because of the number of privately owned vehicles.  Today, only a minor chunk of the population is interested in using buses and trains. Public transport facilities have been associated with lack of ease and discomfort.  To ensure that the congestion in our cities does not get more critical, it is imperative to create awareness among public for the usage of existing public transportation. Through this initiative, we want to understand the problems that exist in this sector and suggest measures that can be implemented to improve the facilities.”

Towards the end of the 30-day campaign, a report will be submitted to the respective State Urban Development Ministry and Central Urban Development Ministry highlighting the problems and the improvements that can be made in the public transport sectors.




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