Voters Awareness Rally


Voters awareness  rally

The Voters Awareness  Rally  organised by Manu needhi consumer and Environmental Protection Centre was attended by 150 IAS aspirants,  Mr.S.Bharath, Former Civil Judge and Director Thangar Bachan today (01.05.2016-Sunday). The Participants were welcomed formally by the undersigned.

Voters Awareness Rally (1)

Immediately, welcome speech was given by undersigned (Mr.A.Muniraja, President, manuneedhi consumer and environmental protection centre) inviting the Chief guest and the participants. Then Thangar Bachan  gave speech to the participants about their voting rights, Nota option, etc. Thereafter, the participants took oath that as a sincere citizen of India, they will vote in all elections, they will not sell their vote, they will use Nota option if they do not like any of the contestants in their constituency and will never evade the duty of casting their vote.

Voters Awareness Rally (2)

Then the rally was flagged off by Mr.S.Bharath, Former Civil Judge and Director Mr.Thangar bachan. The rally started at 8.00 AM from Gandhi statue, Marina beach and ended at Kannagi statue, Marina Beach. The aim of conducting this rally was to spread awareness to the public about the Voting Rights, Nota option, to attain 100% Voting, Not to sell their vote, getting money for vote is punishable, etc. Nearly 250 participants took part in the rally.



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