Viswa & Devji Showcases its Exclusive Designs for this Festive Season


Viswa & Devji Showcases its Exclusive Designs for this Festive Season


Diwali is a time to light the heart, the soul and yes – the trinket box. In tune with all things festive this season, Viswa & Devji is showcasing its newest celebratory collection that connotes colour, richness, prosperity and festivity. Handcrafted by artisans with diamonds, rubies, gold and handpicked gems, each piece of jewellery is a festivity in itself.

Viswa & Devji, a retail diamond destination, with its high-end showrooms in Coimbatore and Chennai is the quintessential jewellery brand known for its artistry and quality. Esteemed for its high importance to precision and unique designs the brand has established its finesse in procuring high quality rough diamonds, conceptualizing unique designs and presenting exquisite diamond jewellery to its clients.

Viswa & Devji’s product lines are inspired by the beauty of life, magnifying minute details into each art piece; inspired by tradition by embellishing centuries of rich culture; inspired by modernity, working contemporary ideas and art with traditional charm and also inspired by the beauty and richness of the Nature, designs the purity and uniqueness of its kind.

Every form of inspiration takes origin in the heart of the artisan who reflects the collective subconscious of his own being, his culture and his generation. Inspiration that will stand the test of time and designs that will light the hearts of generations in the years to come. These amazingly unique designs are very well affordable because the price range starts from 20,000.

Experience the beauty of life in the form of Diamonds this Diwali with Viswa & Devji



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