Keeping up with the rich Flemish beer tradition and commemorating ‘The Year of the Beer’ that Flanders has been celebrating in 2015, VISITFLANDERS in association with the Embassy of Belgium, Delhi organized a beer evening on November 16, 2015. The event coincided with the King’s Day celebrations and VISITFLANDERS chose this remarkable day to unveil its unique beer website  which encapsulates the rich and unique beer culture of Belgium.


This custom-made website captures all the information related to the beers in Flanders including its history, beer-making processes, beer-related events, breweries and brewpubs in the region and ways to plan an exciting beer trip to Flanders.

The art of brewing beer is as old as civilisation itself and originated in Mesopotamia in 9000 BC. Belgium is known for its world class beers and breweries. Beer making is a serious business in the country as the total turnover of beer business is around 2.2 Billion Euros. Out of the 160 breweries in Belgium, approximately 100 are present in Flanders alone.

Belgium offers 1500 different original beers and boasts of a beer culture that is both unique and diverse. With a distinctive amalgamation of family run breweries as well as bigger brands, the Flemish brewing culture is a fitting display of the region’s cutting-edge craftsmanship. This richness in variety, flavour, character and unique craftsmanship that creates the inimitable Belgian brew are attributed to the male and female brewers alike. Several women-run breweries and female-beer experts have been fundamental in defining the dynamic of the beer-industry in Flanders.


Beer has also been considered to have several health benefits especially with the Trappist beers that are brewed by monks. Since the Middle Ages, abbeys became centers of knowledge about agriculture, livestock and certain crafts, including brewing beer, and monks were allowed to drink limited amounts of their regional beverage because the quality of the drinking water was so unsanitary.

Connoisseurs favour Belgian beers for their variety, real flavour and character. The choices are endless when you consider Belgian ales, raspberry or cherry beer, white beer, Flanders ‘Old’ red and brown, Abbey and Trappist beer and of course the beer that Belgium is most famous for – the lambic and geuze.


Speaking at the launch of this unique website, Mr Sunil Puri, Managing Director – Representative Office for Tourism Flanders & Brussels | Belgium said, “It is our pleasure to introduce the new website that serves as a guide to the world of Belgian beers. Through the introduction to our dedicated website on Flemish Beers, we want to familiarize people with the rich beer-making culture and inform them about the various fun activities and events one can enjoy with these beers. We hope more people can experience this extensive tradition through exciting brewery-visits, beer events, beer trails, walks and tours on their next trip to Flanders”.

To learn more about all the fantastic beers Flanders has to offer visit our dedicated beer website



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