Vishnu Manchu: Rajinikanth And Mohan Babu Are The Original Gangsters


Superstar Rajinikanth and Tollywood actor Mohan Babu are the closest of pals. Mohan Babu’s son, actor Vishnu Manchu, shared a bunch of photos of his father with Rajinikanth on Twitter recently. In his post, Vishnu Manchu introduced the duo as the “original gangsters.” Rajinikanth and Mohan Babu can be seen twinning in white in the photos. Mohan Babu and Rajinikanth also roped in Vishnu Manchu for a click and here’s how he described the photoshoot session: “The OGs. Original Gangsters! Rajinikanth, Mohan Babu and then goofy Vishnu Manchu.”

Rajinikanth and Mohan Babu have worked together in films such as Pedarayudu, Annai Oru Aalayam, and Thai Meethu Sathiyam. Rajinikanth was in Hyderabad recently for a 40-day schedule of his new film Annaatthe. During his stay in Hyderabad, Rajinikanth is said to have spent some quality time with Mohan Babu.

Mohan Babu’s daughter Lakshmi Manchu wrote a note about how the two superstars have redefined friendship over the years: “Over the years friendship has a different meaning for me, who we grew up as friends are no longer your friends and sometimes in the most random of places and times you meet people that continue to be your friends. But looking at these two gives me such hope for continued friendship no matter what they’ve been through. From sharing one by two teas, to spending time in car sheds and coming from super humble backgrounds. Today they are super stars in their own right but still find time to be with each other, talk to each other, support each other, calling each other when they know one of them is going through some tough time. It was so cute when they took off for a walk together because we were all hovering over them and only God knows what they spoke. But I bless this friendship and I hope I can find something pure, deep and connected like uncle and my dad.”



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